Trial by Jury - 1983

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  • Musical Director:
  • Producer:
  • The Cast:
  • The Learned Judge
  • Angelina Heartthrob,
    the plaintiff
  • Edwin Fickleheart,
    the defendant
  • Counsel for the Defendant
  • Usher
  • Foreman of the Jury
  • Associate
Members of the Public

Grace Bannan, Christine Betts, Angela Bowen, Vernabelle Brissenden, Tricia Goldsmith, Samantha Growden,
Pam Johnson, Kathleen Jones, May Jones, Elaine Jones, Anita Lloyd, Angela Hart, Pam Pankhurst
Jean Pearson, Shirley Rayment, Margaret Ross, Jean Stratford, Christine Styles, Win Whitehead, Lynda Wilson.

Gentlemen of the Jury

David Apps, Doug Bates, Charles Broadhead, Alan bennett, Bert Coleman, Mark Holes, Peter Jeffrey, Vaughan Johnson,
Paul Lack, Roy Lack, Syd Pearson, Dennis Smith, Ken Sprague, Fred Cornford, John Hawtin

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