The Pirates of Penzance - 1978

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  • Musical Director:
  • Producer:
  • The Cast:
  • Major-General Stanley
  • The Pirate King
  • Samuel (his Lieutenant)
  • Frederic (the Pirate Apprentice)
  • Sergeant of Police
  • Mabel
  • Edith
  • Kate
  • Isabel
  • Ruth (A Piratical Maid of all Work)
  • Arnold Jones
  • H. Milwood Wildey
  • Charles Brooker
  • Derek Fielder
  • Brian Harrison
  • Tony Selby
  • John Hawtin
  • Anne Wiseman
  • Angela Bowen
  • Dorothy Harrison
  • Pam Street
  • Mary Clayton

Chorus of General Stanley's Daughters:

Carol Amphlett, Joyce Brooker, Mary Dicker, Ruby Easterbrook, Jean Ebbs, Jennifer Gee, Janet Foster,
June Haynes, Pam Johnson, Kathleen Jones, Margaret Mallard, Pam Marriot, Pam Scott,
Audrey Wharmby, Sue Whitehead, Winnie Whitehead, Jean Wilson, Linda Wilson.

Chorus of Pirates and Police

David Apps, Doug Bates, Ian Bourner, Charles Broadhead, Tom Clayton, Bert Coleman,
Fred Cornford, David Hilder, Peter Jeffery, Brian Miller, Sid Pearson, Michael Pancheri.

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