The Grand Duke - 2006

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  • Musical Director:
  • Producer:
  • The Cast:
  • Rudolph
  • Ernest Dummkopf
  • Ludwig
  • Dr. Tannhauser
  • The Prince of Monte Carlo
  • The Herald
  • Ben Hashbaz
  • Julia Jellicoe
  • The Baroness von Krakenfeldt
  • Lisa
  • The Princess of Monte Carlo
  • Olga
  • Gretchen
  • Bertha
  • Elsa
  • Martha

Chamberlains, Nobles, Actors, Actresses, Supernummeraries

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Ross Alexander, Barry Bates, Karen Bradley, Graham Breeze, Cath Bromley,
Jac Collins, Margaret Collins, Henrietta Dixon, Di Dowell, Petrina Freeman, Clarence Gill
Fred Jewell, Stephan Kirk, Margaret Mallard, Ruth Martin, Debbie Maynard
Tracey Miles, John Newham, Kate Thomas, Paula Upton, Kath Whitney, Mark Williamson

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