Utopia LTD - 2010

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  • Musical Director:
  • Producer:
  • The Cast:
  • King Paramount
    (King of Utopia)
  • Scaphio
    (Judge of the Utopian supreme court)
  • Phantis
    (Judge of the Utopian supreme court)
  • Tarara
    (The public exploder)
  • Calynx
    (The Utopian vice chamberlain)
  • Imported Flowers of Progress:
  • Lord Dramaleigh
    (a British Lord Chamberlain)
  • Capt Fitzbattleaxe
    (First Life Guards)
  • Captain Sir Edward Corcoran, K.C.B
    (of the Royal Navy)
  • Mr Goldbury
    (a Company Promoter)
  • Sir Bailey Barre, Q.C.
  • Mr Blushington
    (of the County Council)
  • Zara
    (Eldest daughter of King Paramount)
  • Nekya
    (Zara's younger sister)
  • Kalyba
    (Zara's younger sister)
  • Lady Sophy
    (Their English Gouvernante)
  • Salata (A Utopian Maiden)
  • Melene (A Utopian Maiden)
  • Phylla (A Utopian Maiden)
  • First Life Guards:
  • Mike Crofts
  • Graham Breeze
  • Graham Breeze
  • Gordon Oliver
  • Graham Mitchell
  • John Douglas
  • Frank Banks
  • Dennis Pim
  • Will Dyson
  • Barry Bates
  • Alan Bennett
  • Tim Sell
  • Russel Barrow
  • Susan Dixon
  • Sian Clifford
  • Liz Letts
  • Cath Bromley
  • Kim Bennett
  • Karen Platt
  • Julia Metcalfe
  • Paddy Marshall, Graham Scrase
  • Ian Weston, Chris Worton

Chorus of Utopian villagers

Jean Bates, Frances Byers, Jac Collins, Di Dowell, Barbara Eastaff,
Beth Hooley, Dee King, Ruth Martin, Debbie Maynard, Petrina Oliver,
Hayley Rance, Alison Statham, Katie Thomas, Kath Whitney.

Chris Carter, Dave Chawner, Clarence Gill, Barry Grocock, Dianna Moylan, Anton Perusko.

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