Calamity Rebooted

Calamity on the stage

Coming back in November - Maybe!

We are planning to perform Calamity Jane in November this year.  The dates are Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th, but you know what they say about plans..
Just in case we are also prevented from staging our show for you in November, we have a fallback booked for the following March. We'll make that decision late in August. If it's as we all hope and we can do the show in November, we'll open the box office in September

If you're still holding tickets for the ill-fated March dates, you can either donate your ticket money, get vouchers for future shows or a refund.

We've contacted all the ticket holders by letter or email and we need to set a closing date so, sorry pard'ner, no more refunds will be issued after 30th April.


So let's all hope we can go whip crackin' away this autumn.

We promise the show'll be worth the wait!

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