The goose gives the answers

We hope you enjoyed the location quiz in our last issue of GanderS.  Here are the answers:

  1. Barataria - The Gondoliers. It's in the title.
  2. Castle Adamant - Princess Ida's fortress.
  3. Castle Bunthorne - Patience. Bunthorne's gaff.
  4. Girton - Utopia. Where the Princess has been.
  5. Margate - Cox and Box. The location of the lover.
  6. Mount Olympus - Thespis. Tricky, but it's where the actors get to rule.
  7. Peckham and Camberwell - Trial by Jury. Venues for passion.
  8. Pfennig Halbpfennig - The Grand Duke is set in the Duchy.
  9. Portsmouth - Pinafore. Where the bumboat woman is based.
  10. Rederring - Ruddigore. The village with the professional bridesmaids.
  11. St. Mary Axe - Sorcerer. Wellington's shop.
  12. Titipu - Mikado. Sadly lacking in executions.
  13. Tower of London - Yeomen. Grim, but Dame Carruthers loves it.
  14. Tremorden Castle - Pirates. Bought by the Major General. Ancestors included.
  15. Westminster - Iolanthe. The posh end where their lordships sit.
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