Drive Time with the Gondoliers

Listen to the Jim Cleland Drive Time Show with a preview of The Gondoliers Presented by Jim with Jo and Ruth Welcome to GanderS Spring 2018 Stevens on Sunday Cachucha The Goose wants Answers Kipper tied Show time! Goose guessing – the answers Gondoliers a-coming! Singing for the Brain

Welcome to GanderS Spring 2018

Welcome to GanderS Issue 2 In this sunny springtime issue The Gondoliers March 2018. Not long now! That quiz. The goose has the answers.. Questions – questions The goose has another quiz for you Our Summer Show  What, when where? Something fishy about G&S Jugged kippers anyone? Stevens on Sunday Who were Nancy’s guests on […]

Stevens on Sunday

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Apparently “Cachucha” sounds like something rather rude in some Spanish speaking countries. Our rendition seeks to uphold that tradition.

The Goose wants Answers

The Great Goose Quiz It maybe, just maybe, a little easier than last issue’s bird quiz. This one is all about location. Can you tell which of the Operas was either set in or simply mentions the following locations? Barataria Castle Adamant Castle Bunthorne Girton Margate Mount Olympus Peckham Pfennig Halbpfennig Portsmouth Rederring St. Mary […]

Kipper tied

Both Arthur Sullivan and William Gilbert enjoyed being wealthy and living well but Gilbert thought Sullivan profligate for employing a French chef. ‘My cook gets £80 and gives me a kipper’, scoffed Gilbert.  ‘Sullivan’s cook gets £500 a year for giving him the same thing in French!’  Kippers were enjoyed by Victorians and Edwardians not only for breakfast but as a treat for high tea or supper.  Did Sullivan’s cook make him jugged kippers though?  And what, […]

Show time!

Summertime tunes Summer is coming! This year there’s a break from our traditional mid-season mini-show. We’re going BIG. Big show numbers sung with a big orchestra for a big night out. With luck, we may even have Jo Bigg performing some of them! The Wolverton Light Orchestra have invited us to share in their summer […]

Goose guessing – the answers

The goose gives the answers We hope you enjoyed the bird quiz in our last issue of GanderS.  Here are the answers: Into it we throw – Cock who doesn’t crow! – Yeomen of course And if any were fond of pigeon shooting – He’d ask them down to his place at Tooting.  – Tricky […]

Gondoliers a-coming!

The Gondoliers are a-coming! Nearly there! The show starts on Wednesday 21st March. What a fabulous show we have in store for you this year!  The rehearsals for The Gondoliers have been amazing fun and quite strenuous too!  The costumes have been booked, the scenery selected and the orchestra primed. We are in business. Everyone […]

Singing for the Brain

Our Ruth Helps People with Fading Memories – and so can you! So how does singing help? Singing for the Brain is a service provided by Alzheimer’s Society which uses singing to bring people together in a friendly and stimulating social environment. Singing is not only an enjoyable activity, it can also provide a way […]