Jack the Ripper - 2017

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  • Director:
  • Musical Director:
  • Accompanist:
  • The Cast:
  • Marie Kelly/Music Hall Soubrette
  • Lizzie Stride/Queen Victoria
  • Annie Chapman
  • Polly (Mary Ann Nicholls)
  • Liza Pearl
  • Martha Tabram
  • Catherine Eddowes
  • Frances Coles
  • Montague Druitt
  • Chairman/Charles Warren
  • Daniel Mendoza
  • Dinky Nine-Eights
  • Bluenose Stack
  • Slop Wallace
  • Lord Overcoat
  • Police Sergeant Coles


Barbara Baker, Kim Bennett, Jackie Brett, Amanda Fraser, Louise Harrison, Nick Jones, Stephan Kirk
Gilda Lewis, Annie Parker, Karen Platt, Annette Robert, Michael Spours, Alison Statham
Bill Vincent, Kath Whitney, Chris Worton.

A rehersal picture/montage

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