How they work


Ticket vouchers can be used to buy tickets for Wolverton G&S shows. You can use the ticket voucher at any time towards the cost of any of the tickets we sell. They are transferable, so you can give them as gifts if you want to.

No expiry date

That's right. The vouchers last for ever. Each voucher you buy has a unique number that identifies it as valid. If an unused voucher is lost, we will replace it.

How to use them

The vouchers can be used at our box office either online, in person or by post. You can only use them for payment for tickets sold by Wolverton G&S and no change can be given.

Buying your vouchers online

Choose your vouchers here and we'll post them to you.

Voucher value

Buying vouchers by post

If you prefer to order your vouchers by post you can send a cheque and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the box office:

Please make your cheque payable to "Wolverton G&S Society" and send it to the Box Office at 33 Western Drive, Hanslope MK19 7LA. Write your address on the back of your cheque and include the S.A.E. please.