Welcome to GanderS Autumn 2017

Welcome to GanderS Issue 1 In this ground breaking first issue The Gondoliers Introducing our next big show in March 2018 GanderS? That’s an odd choice What is all this about geese? Ticket Vouchers What are they and where can you get them? We all need friends  Can you become a friend to Wolverton G&S? […]

What are these vouchers?

Come, take heart, boy! Wolverton G&S have ticket vouchers! “Tell me, what are these vouchers…” Simple enough.  It’s like a book token or a gift voucher.  You buy the voucher and give it to someone who loves Gilbert and Sullivan. They use the voucher towards the cost of ticket to any Wolverton G&S show we […]

Break the Spine

A truly epic challenge – and our own Chris Worton is competing Chris’s Spine Race page “Many of you will be aware that I may do a little bit of running. Some of you may be aware that I have started to participate in ultra marathon events (any race that is over the 26.2 miles […]

What’s this about Geese?

So, what’s with the gander? OK. It’s a horrid pun on G and S, but there are references to geese in the operas.  Tessa sings that “Every goose becomes a swan” in The Gondoliers and Katisha claims she is “a silly little goose!” (if a teeny bit bloodthirsty) in Mikado. Plenty more birds to find. Can you identify […]


Everyone needs a friend 1 Would you like to become a Friend to Wolverton Gilbert & Sullivan Society?  Are you someone who loves coming to our productions?  For a minimum donation of £25 a person, you can become a friend of the society.   You will receive a free programme to each of our productions […]

Gondoliers – Oh Yes!

The Gondoliers are coming! 1 Oh yes! Gondoliers! We are working hard for you on our next big show.  The production team and cast have been decided and rehearsing is underway. We’ve had an acting workshop and a movement workshop and we are furiously learning and in some cases re-learning the music. March next year […]

Child minding

“I Stole the Prince” Alhambra enrols the infant prince in Baptisto’s childminding service. Welcome to GanderS Autumn 2017 What are these vouchers? Break the Spine What’s this about Geese? Friends Gondoliers – Oh Yes! Child minding Sally Lunn

Sally Lunn

The Legend of Sally Lunn Singing about Sally One of the crazier things we did in our 2012 production of “The Sorcerer” was to dress as hippies.  The hippies in this photograph are singing about “Sally Lunn” Now to the banquet we press; Now for the eggs and the ham; Now for the mustard and […]